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Datum: 26 november 2020

Tijd: 16:00 tot 17:15

Locatie: Online event

Webinar Automotive Mexico

Holland House Mexico, commissioned by NLinBusiness, recently delivered the sector study: “Opportunities for Dutch Businesses in the Mexican Automotive Industry”. Worldwide, Mexico is the 6th largest vehicle manufacturer, totaling close to 4 million vehicles in 2019 and exporting over 85 percent. Mexico´s automotive industry is at a crossroad where it can choose to invest more in R&D and shift from being a value-for-money manufacturing or maquiladora destination to an important player in the advanced manufacturing industry. During an interactive webinar, the study will be presented and key-players will guide you through the threats and opportunities the Mexican market has for you in the future.


Presentation findings sector study:

"Opportunities for Dutch companies in Mexico´s automotive industry"

by Carin Verbree, manager Holland House Mexico
Doing business in Mexico´s automotive industry:

  • Lucas Díaz, Managing Director AWL Mexico
  • Manolo Seeldrayers, Plant Manager ITB Dooremalen Industries México

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