H2 Forum 2021 Digital edition

Datum: 27 april 2021 t/m 28 april 2021

Locatie: Online event

We are launching a new conference series that will connect decision makers for hydrogen solutions.

In addition to electrification, hydrogen propulsion will become the new hype topic in the automotive industry in the coming years.

H2 Forum 2021 Digital Edition

Green Hydrogen 2025: Fueling Europe's Industry and Mobility


April 27th - 28th 2021

Virtual conference
1.000+ attendees, 25 exhibitors, 25 speaker 

If you register until January 31st, your attendee ticket will be free of charge! 


What you can expect
The conference is organized along 5 strategic pillars to accelerate hydrogen use. These run through both conference days and guide the content contributions of the decision-makers.

Production capacity ramp-up is key. Throughout the conference we will learn from industrial leaders how capacity increase can be realized. 

Storage and Transport
There are many ways to transport and store hydrogen, whether liquid or gaseous. The focus is, on the one hand, on using the existing infrastructure and, on the other hand, on making not only the production but also the transport ecological. The conference will take a closer look at the various processes and possibilities.

Industrial Use
Since crude oil and natural gas are finite, green hydrogen can displace the two fossil substances as raw materials and energy carriers and at the same time realize the goal of reducing CO2 emissions in industry. How to ensure a changeover?

Energy and Heat Supply
The controlled reaction of hydrogen and oxygen generates not only electrical energy but also heat, which can be used for heating or hot water. How a technical implementation can succeed in one's own four walls and much more will be examined in more detail at the conference.

Mobility Application
With the help of fuel cells, green hydrogen can be converted into electricity, making it suitable for zero-emission transportation or heavy haulage of people and goods, without diesel, gasoline or battery. But for what reason is the supply on the market so low?