IAA 2021

Datum: 6 september 2021 t/m 10 september 2021

Locatie: Munich

The IAA Mobility 2021, the international platform for mobility and B2B dialog, will open its doors in Munich from September 6 - 10, 2021. RAI Automotive Industry NL and its partners have decided to attend this event with a national pavilion.

You are welcome to become co-exhibitor at our Mobility pavilion. 

Present your company at our joint Holland High Tech stand:

This year we are organizing a collective Holland High Tech Mobility Pavilion at IAA 2021. IAA 2021 takes place from 6 - 10 september 2021 in Munich, and is exclusively intended for the Automotive Industry and Mobility Sector.

For the 2021 edition of the IAA we offer the following options for co-exhibitors at the Mobility Pavilion:




 6 m2 

 € 5.500

 € 7.150

 9 m2

 € 8.500

 € 11.050

 12 m2

 € 11.500

 € 14.950

 16 m2

 € 15.500

 € 20.150

Personal wishes for stand opportunities are also possible. Please, contact Bram Hendrix. (b.hendrix@raivereniging.nl

Our prices include:
- A welcome reception for your visitors
- Pavilion host to guide visitors
- Your own booth as co-exhibitor within our collective stand with the ‘Holland High Tech’ identity
- The Holland High Tech Lounge, a shared meeting & facility place with extra seats and a bar, where you can welcome and meet all your partners at the Mobility Pavilion
- Full catering services at the pavilion for you and your visitors during all days of the week
- Extra exposure guaranteed
- ‘Holland Borrel’ with members and relations 
- Round tables with industrial key players and networking events during the week

Do you want to become a member of RAI Automotive Industry NL? Please, click here for more information and application form. 

Practical information
Supported by the Dutch Consultate - General in Munich and the IAA organization we will ensure that the pavilion will be optimally positioned at the IAA exhibition. We will implement the well-known Holland High Tech concept in the Pavilion (about 200m2 - 300m2) to accommodate the different booths for every co-exhibitor, with possibilities for your own look and feel.
Our Holland High Tech Pavilion is a common Pavilion concept with a good atmosphere, where new, sustainable business contacts can be established and existing contacts can be intensified. We will take care of you and your guests and guarantee the best possible reception and atmosphere to welcome your relationships. With special side- and evening events, we ensure that our pavilion will have a high degree of visitor traffic and attract many decision-makers in the Automotive Industry and Mobility Sector.

About IAA
Use this opportunity to showcase your company and network at a new location on the exhibition grounds in Munich and various places in the city. The Summit, to be held in the exhibition halls at Messe München, is directed at the B2B sector. The Open Space – a series of central sites in Munich’s inner city – and the Blue Lane – a transfer and test-drive route between the Summit and the Open Space – are aimed first and foremost at B2C visitors.  Present your products to a wide range of visitors and give them a chance to experience your latest mobility solutions!

What if the event does not take place due to Covid-19?
In case the IAA event does not take place due to Covid-19, we will take care of the financial risk of our participants. NOTE: This only applies to the participation fee for the event.



More information
There are a lot of opportunities for the Dutch innovative automotive industry. If you are interested to join the IAA 2021 Holland High Tech Pavilion, let us know via Bram Hendrix (+31 628 35 99 64 or b.hendrix@raivereniging.nl).

* Used image is an art impression of the stand at IAA