Regional Workshop RIGHTWEIGHT

Datum: 24 februari 2022

Tijd: 10:30 tot 12:00

Locatie: Online via Teams

During this workshop we present the Dutch regional challenges.


The RIGHTWEIGHT consortium has launched an Open Call for lightweight solutions by SMEs to address challenges faced by Europe’s auto and aero sectors in order to improve their affordability, environmental performance and cross-sector transferability. Selected SMEs will have the chance to develop their solutions up to TRL7 and to successfully reach the market through specialized support services.

10.30h Welcome
10.35h Keynote speaker Sjef van Breugel, Pontis Engineering, on lightweight composite materials
10.55h Presentation of the process competition & Voucher scheme
11.00h Presentation Challenges of Snoeks Automotive, Drive Line Systems (DLS), and SAG Alutech 
11.40h Presentation Rightweight services catalogue. Presentation of the platform and         application process
12.00h End

Soon, you will find more information about these challenges.