New standard for automotive manufacturers: ISO 21434

Datum: 13 juni 2022

Tijd: 15:00 tot 17:00

Locatie: Automotive Campus 30, Helmond

Information session

Digital connectedness has increased the importance of cybersecurity in everything that drives on the road, and to make that cybersecurity measurable, ISO published the new ISO 21434 standard in August 2021. TÜV Netherlands recognizes the need for cybersecurity on the road and has recently become the first independent institution in the Netherlands to certify this ISO 21434 standard and is hosting an information session on this new standard for automotive manufacturers.

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What is ISO 21434? 
As vehicles are increasingly connected to bluetooth or the internet, it is of great importance to ensure digital security. This importance has been translated within the European Union into the upcoming legislation that requires car manufacturers and OEMs to comply with UN ECE R155 and R156. That law prescribes requirements for vehicle security against cyber attacks.

In August 2021, ISO published the new ISO 21434-2021 standard to help automotive organizations meet those requirements for the purpose of automotive cybersecurity engineering. This international standard was developed specifically for organizations in the automotive industry such as automobile manufacturers, hardware and software vendors, and ICT infrastructure providers. 

The standard mandates the implementation of a risk-based approach, encouraging manufacturers to stay current with developments in digital technology and associated cyber risks. By adopting the prescribed Threat And Risk Analysis (TARA), a company is systematically active with digital security. This therefore allows a manufacturer or supplier to implement an appropriate Cyber Security Management System (CSMS). This standard provides a yardstick for cyber security. This creates a common understanding among all players in the automotive industry about what cyber security means and when a vehicle meets it. 

Added value of ISO 21434 certification
The new European legislation states that a car manufacturer is obliged to apply cyber security in a vehicle according to the "Security by Design" principle. This means that (digital) security is the starting point for the development of new cars. With the ISO 21434 that starting point can be converted to specific actions and developments, making this cyber security demonstrable. Certification according to this standard therefore shows that manufacturers and suppliers meet the prescribed requirements. 

Moreover, certification of ISO 21434 compliance indicates that a manufacturer or supplier in the Automotive industry actually delivers quality and reliability by complying with the standard. Because this standard is an international standard, certification to the ISO 21434 assures that a manufacturer or supplier delivers that quality and reliability on an international level.