Powertrain Mission France

Datum: 15 juni 2022 t/m 17 juni 2022

Locatie: FRANCE, Versailles & Rouen

Are you interested in Powertrains, electrification, and fuels? Do you want to discover a very attractive and innovative ecosytem, meet potential R&I partners, and build technological and industrial partnerships? Then join the RAI Automotive Industry NL Powertrain mission to France!





15 June


16 June


17 June


Arrival in Normandy - Lunch

Visit: FEV

Presentation of the test centre with its engine dynos (with or without battery simulator), its projects with new fuels, its gearbox dyno, its chassis dynamometer and its calibration department for turnkey projects.


- Lunch



Visit : SATIE Laboratory

Visit of the division on components and systems for electrical energy, that develops activities related to electrical energy systems, particularly in the fields of transport, renewable energies and sustainable development, and covers both materials for electrical energy (magnetic, piezoelectric, etc.).

- Lunch


Event: SIA Powertrain 2022

Meetings and booths visits with Rouen Normandy Invest, Valeo, and IFPEN -

Cocktail at SIA Powetrain

Visit: Renault Cléon

The factory produces engines (electric and internal combustion) and gearboxes for the Renault range (Electric engine: 5AL, 5AQ, 5DH, Gearboxes: PX38). In 2021, new machining and assembly lines are installed for the production of the e motor, a component of the Hybride E TECH engine.


Transfer to Versailles


Gala dinner

Night in Rouen

Dinner in Versailles (with Spark Racing Technology, Hype, and Batteries for people)  


RAI-Members:    €200,- (Excl. VAT)
Non-members:  €600,- (Excl. VAT)

Services included

  • Transport in France
  • Lunch 
  • Dinner 
  • Accomodation (2 nights)

Not included: International transportation.

To ensure a high-quality mission, the number of participants will be limited to a maximum of 15. Participants will be requested to provide information about their fields of business and interest to ensure a tailored mission


The Automotive Industry in France

  • The automotive industry is one of the leading industrial sectors in France.
  • France is historically an automotive industry country. The automotive industry based in France boasts a wealth of major manufacturers and original equipment manufacturers, an extremely dense fabric of sub contractors and a high level of service. France is also home to startups and innovation for digital technologies, transportation and energy.
  • France is an attractive automobile destination thanks to its excellent geographic location and the quality of its manpower and its infrastructures, making it the leading destination for job-rich foreign industrial investment in the automotive sector in Europe.
  • Motor vehicles play a major role in the daily lives of many French, especially in rural and suburban areas. Some 70% of French residents use their car to work everyday.

Our priorities to produce tomorrow’s automobiles in France

→Development of electric and hybrid vehicles

During 2019, scaling up to 2022 for the bonus to purchase zero-emission vehicles.
France had 207,000 full-electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles in use at the end of 2018. The target is to have one million in use by 2022.

→Deployment of charging stations

A charging station deployment acceleration plan with adapted measures to develop a dense and high-quality network in France.
90% of recharging at home or work. An increase from nearly 25,000 charging points open to the public in early 2019 to 100,000 charging points in 2022.

→Creation of a French and European battery sector

Earmark €700 million to help develop a battery production industry and support a European partnership based on a French-German consortium.
Reducing carbon content and improving battery recycling are important concerns in the battery production process.

→Development of connected and autonomous vehicles

Deploy full-scale, on-demand autonomous transport services by 2021.
The target is to make France the leading driverless vehicle country in Europe.