Europees Parlement akkoord met eerder bereikte APK-compromis

13 maart 2014

Het Europees Parlement heeft op 11 maart ingestemd met het principeakkoord rond de EU-apk. Daarmee is een geharmoniseerde apk voor Europa weer een stap dichterbij.


Het EP heeft in plenaire samenstelling vóór het eerder bereikte APK-compromis gestemd. Dit betekent dat de volgende stap ingezet kan gaan worden in de juridische formalisering van datgene reeds bekend was (compromisvoorstel).

Het akkoord moet nu alleen nog formeel worden goedgekeurd door de Raad van Ministers.

Naar aanleiding hiervan heeft EGEA haar leden als volgt nader geïnformeerd:

Parliament adopts new common minimum requirements for vehicles roadworthiness testing in Europe

Yesterday morning, 11th of March, the European Parliament endorsed a deal with EU member states on minimum common standards for periodic vehicle inspections, vehicle registration documents and roadside inspections of commercial vehicles.

The revised rules, designed to improve road safety, will set new EU-level standards for periodic technical inspections of vehicles. Testing equipment will have to meet minimum technical standards while inspectors carrying out periodic checks will have to satisfy minimum competence and training requirements laid down in the new rules. But beyond these rules, Member states can also impose stricter standards than those laid down in the newly adopted text.

The final decision concerning the legal form has been to opt for a Directive, which means that this legislation will set out the goals which the Member States have to achieve. However, it will be up to the individual countries to decide how. Being less stringent than a Regulation, this Directive will therefore inevitably open to some degree of interpretation by Member States.

Next steps
• The agreement now has to be formally approved by the Council.
• You will receive in the coming days a more thorough analysis of the agreed text and key issues for our sector.