Automotive Inspiration Mission: Automotive Supplychain Bavaria

9 december 2019

From 26 till 28 of November BOM and RAI AutomotiveNL have organised an Inspiration Mission to Bavaria, Germany.

The Dutch Automotive Industry has a total turnover of 20 billion euro and 88 % is destined for export. 44 % of the total export is destined for Germany. This is one of the main reasons why we chose for (south) Germany as the destination of our Inspiration Mission. Doing business abroad is a key factor when working in the Dutch automotive industry.

November 26

Visit Kurz: the future of decoration

The interior of a car becomes lighter and cleaner. More and more the story is about the experience. Capacitive control will replace mechanical control such as sliders and buttons. The man-machine interaction and user experience  of the future  will create new business models.

Visit Smart Production Solutions (SPS) exhibition

SPS is the international exhibition for industrial automation and the annual highlight of the automation industry. The exhibition covers the entire spectrum of smart and digital automation - from simple sensors to intelligent solutions, from what is feasible today to the vision of a fully digitalized industrial world. The Delegation was invited at the pavilion of our partner Bayern Innovative, for a guided tour.  

Another guided tour was organised at the Siemens-hall. This industry-giant showed their cloud-based, open IoT operating system that connects products, plants, systems, and machines.

The open architecture of this solution (Mindsphere) enables collaboration with numerous (niche) developers via APIs, creating a powerful ecosystem.

27 November

Visit UnternehmerTUM

Center for Innovation and Business Creation at the Technical University München. The incubator of the Technical University where Start-ups are able to join the Pre-incubation, incubation and accelarion fase (investments). Major companies in the region actively participate in this ecosystem.

The accelerator is built around 4 ‘pillars’:
- Customers (the major companies)
- Capital (Investors)
- Talents (students)
- Technology (the innovations)

Visit BMW plan Regensburg

BMW produces 2.5 million passenger cars each year,  300,000 of them in Regensburg each year. Seven different models are produced on only one production line..
BMW has 120,000 employees worldwide. 9,000 at the Regensburg plant and even 13,000 with external parties.

The factory has a ‘Pulzschlag’ of 57 seconds, which means that every manual operation is tuned to a duration of 57 seconds. 1100 cars are produced per day with a 2-shift service.
The factory has an extremely high degree of automation, thanks to the deployment of 2300 robots. During the finishing and installation of the interior, 23.000 parts are assembled manually.


B2B meeting with e-obility cluster Regensburg

In the evening of November 27 the Dutch companies, together with the companies from the e-mobility cluster Regensburg pitched about their own company. This was a good opportunity to get to know each company and each other.

November 28

Visit Continental – Co-Innovation event

Continental is one of the many global concerns in the region with a turnover of almost 45 billion euros. The organization has a total of 544 locations in 60 countries and a total of 243,000 employees.

The location in Regensburg is also known as the ‘Alt und Neu’ or ‘Laptop und Lederhosen’. Which means High-quality technology while maintaining tradition and origin.

Continental is naturally also concerned about the question of what mobility and the automotive sector will look like with trends such as robotization, automation, electrification, AI and the increasing attention for the environment (changing the concept of mobility). Society 5.0 will cause a new disruption. Standing still is not an option, something that history has also shown.

In the factories themselves there is plenty of attention for Industry 4.0: connectedness of machines through which optimization strokes can be realized and down time minimized. Further automation and robotization will have an effect on the factories.

During the visit there was a lot of time for interaction. The Dutch companies had the opportunity to present their company, with Continental’s Corporate Innovation management as audience. Conclusion: there are many opportunities for further collaboration and co-innovation projects in the future.