We can look back on a succesful Seminar User Experience

14 februari 2020

On January 30 VanBerlo and Automotive Industry NL organized the Seminar User Experience.

With interesting speakers: Masashi Yanai from Sekisui S-LEC, Dirk van Oosterbosch from Innovactory, Marko Boving from GRAMMER AG and Bas Bruining from VanBerlo itself. It was an engaging afternoon with a lot of interaction and interesting discussions.

For the paneldiscussion we welcomed Marieke Martens from TU/e, Koen van Ham from Lightyear, Marko Boving from GRAMMER AG and Bas Bruining from VanBerlo. An interesting returning question this day: Is The Netherlands frontrunner in the field of User Experience?

Watch our aftermovie to get a glimpse of this event and a short recap of the day. And last but not least: is indeed the human the weakest link?