Road map 2020 - 2030

29 oktober 2020

The Automotive Roadmap 2020 - 2030 is now released!

The Dutch Automotive Industry accounts for one of the largest export volumes in the Netherlands. About 20 billion annually. In a country with a high cost-structure like ours, this can only be achieved by delivering worldclass technology. World-class technology is based on world-class knowledge. And that is what we are working on, every day. Not only at DAF Trucks, but also together with the Dutch Automotive Community. The Automotive Industry is one of the cornerstones of the High Tech Systems and Materials sector. A car or a truck is a remarkable High Tech System. Easily equipped with over 30 micro-processors, a high-tech Internal Combustion Engine with sophisticated after-treatment system, Fuel-cell , Battery-pack. You name it. It delivers you or your cargo in a sustainable, fast, safe, reliable, cost effective way to where ever you need.

Since you are related to the Automotive Industry you know the challenges we are facing the coming decades. With CO2-reduction being by far the most important at this moment for many of us. Where local air quality and traffic safety, in particular regarding vulnerable road users, are top priorities for our society as well. But also with inevitable digitisation impacting our products and business in an unprecedented way. All of this are the ingredients for a complete new Automotive Roadmap, that will be released today. As Chairman of the Automotive Roadmap working group, I can not stress enough the importance of the focal points addressed within this Roadmap for the position of the Dutch Automotive Industry, but also for achieving important societal goals. Subjects like hydrogen as direct fuel for HD combustion engines, HD hybrid drivetrain technology and battery and battery-pack technology are of great importance but also sensing, driver assistance and navigation technology that come from our Dutch industry.

We as a company take the lead in many of these subjects. But we would like to cooperate with Dutch partners in these innovations, although we of course have to look beyond the border. We also count on cooperation with the Dutch government in achieving these very demanding Roadmap challenges.

I hope you get inspired by the new Automotive Roadmap.

- Ron Borsboom (DAF), Chairman HTSM Automotive roadmap team