Impact Current Supply Chain Disruptions on our Automotive Industry

2 mei 2022

Supply shortages and huge inflation impede the post COVID-19 recovery of the automotive supply industry and together with sanctions issued in relation to the Ukraine war 2/3 of the companies in our industry are indicating major consequences on their business.

What are companies in our industry experiencing from this?
Otto Heerschap, Unit Manager Engines PACCAR Purchasing Europe, DAF TRUCKS, will speak about the changing supply chain regarding the energy transition and the current disruptions in the supply chain within the firm DAF TRUCKS.

Furthermore, CLEPA Senior Consultant for Market Affairs, Frank Schlehuber, will provide an update on the status of the European automotive supplier industry and an overview of the reaction to the difficulties posed by raw material shortages and price increases, as well as looking at the preparedness—from implications on the portfolio to access to talent—of the industry on major trends such as electrification and digitalization.

Facts and figures come from the results of the survey conducted by CLEPA in collaboration with MCKinsey & Company and PwC among major European suppliers.

In addition to lectures on these crucial topics, there is also room for networking and exhibiting.

Let's meet at the autoMEETive event on the 19th of May!

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