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Koninklijke RAI Vereniging

About RAI Association

RAI Association, founded in 1893, represents the interests of enterprises in the area of mobility. From cars to bicycles and from heavy trucks and trailers to garage equipment and parts. Everyone in The Netherlands uses one or more products of RAI Association members on a daily basis. RAI Association voices the needs and interests of all road users and is always ready to discuss the role of mobility in The Netherlands with the government and other organizations. Taking a position on issues and offering solutions that contribute to broader interests such as accessibility and the sustainability. RAI Association plays an active role in achieving favourable conditions for the production and sales of vehicles and parts for its 700 members, who together supply all forms of road transportation.

1 main board, 9 sections

How does RAI Association operate?

The daily management of the secretariat, the office of RAI Association, is in the hands of director Olaf de Bruijn. RAI Association members are members of one or more of the following nine sections:


Annual report 2022

Look through the annual report 2022 following this link or download here [in Dutch].

Meet our Main Board

Main Board

The Main Board of RAI Association is in charge of running the Association and consists of six members.

  • Algemeen Voorzitter

    Frits van Bruggen

    Frits van Bruggen is sinds 16 november 2022 algemeen voorzitter van RAI Vereniging en daarmee voorzitter van het hoofdbestuur. Hij is zeer ervaren en kent de mobiliteits­branche op zijn duimpje. Zo was hij bijna zeven jaar lang hoofddirecteur van de ANWB waar hij ook elf jaar lang in de directie zat. De functie van voorzitter combineert hij met zijn rol als CEO van MN, één van de grootste pensioenuitvoerders en vermogensbeheerders voor Nederlandse pensioenfondsen.

  • Penningmeester

    Ron Snoeks – Snoeks Automotive B.V.

    Ron Snoeks heeft in november 2022 het penningmeesterschap overgenomen van Eric Louwman. Ron Snoeks is CEO van Snoeks Beheer. Snoeks Automotive is toeleverancier aan de auto-industrie met het leveren van inrichtingsmodules aan vrijwel alle bestel­wagenfabrikanten. Het hoofdkantoor is gevestigd in Nieuw-Vennep. Snoeks produceert over de hele wereld en beschikt in Tsjechië over een eigen assemblage- en distributiecentrum.

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Subsidiary organisation

RAI Amsterdam

RAI Vereniging participates in RAI Amsterdam. The activities of RAI Amsterdam B.V. take place under the responsibility of RAI Holding B.V.. RAI Vereniging is major shareholder (75%) of the exhibition and conference centre RAI Amsterdam. The Municipality of Amsterdam has a 25% interest.

Founded in 1893

History of RAI Association

On 17 December 1893, RAI Vereniging, in full 'de Nederlandsche Vereniging de Rijwiel en Automobiel Industrie' was created. Previously, we were known as "De Rijwiel-Industrie" (RI). With the introduction of automobiles, this evolved into RAI.

Since then, we can refer to ourselves as an institution within the Dutch mobility business. Due to our 125th anniversary in 2019, we were even granted royal status. This is due to our long history of leadership as a mobility sector interest group and creator of RAI Amsterdam.

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