LinkedIn group for job vacancies in the mobility industry

RAI Automotive Industry NL, ACE Mobility and the Automotive Campus have joined forces and created a LinkedIn group on which RAI Association members (and others) are given the opportunity to post their vacancies. This initiative is an answer to the question of many members: 'Can we share our vacancies within the RAI network?'

LinkedIn group for job vacancies in the mobility industry

Through our website and LinkedIn page, sharing our members' many vacancies was unfortunately not feasible, hence we started this LinkedIn group. Vacancies have been posted in recent weeks and in July we started communicating the existence of this group. We obviously want to reach as many people as possible within the mobility world, both inside and outside the Netherlands.

Employers, job seekers, students (graduates), and other interested parties come together within this group. Good to know: research shows that many vacancies are filled by people who were not actively looking for a new job. Therefore, it is essential to maximize this group.

Now, we ask you to become a member and spread the word about this group within your own network.

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