Program Office Green & Smart Mobility

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Program Office Green & Smart Mobility

Three large consortia of more than 60 Dutch companies in the mobility sector, together with the government, are investing over 120 million euros to realise innovative technological breakthroughs in electrification, hydrogen applications and future-oriented digital infrastructure in mobility. The three consortia form the basis of the multi-year programmatic implementation of the HTSM Automotive roadmap.

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Program agency Green & Smart Mobility

RAI Automotive Industry NL and Brainport Development jointly provide the multi-year programme management for the implementation of the innovation programmes Electrification, Hydrogen and Digital Infrastructure for Future Mobility. Within each programme, work is carried out cross-sectorally in a national innovative ecosystem. In the consortia, dozens of public and private parties work together intensively in the automotive, maritime and aviation sectors. Within the consortia, large companies, SMEs and start-ups work together with knowledge partners. The aim of the programme office is to further stimulate this innovation and cooperation in the coming years in order to strengthen the Automotive and Mobility ecosystem in the Netherlands.

It is "great to see that what started with an application for an R&D support package for the automotive sector has developed into a broad cross-sector programme. With this programme, we are working towards a sustainable, emission-free automotive, maritime and aviation sector."

- Albie van Buel, managing director RAI Automotive Industry NL


Long-term cooperation for emission-free, safe and smart mobility

The cooperation fits in the long-term Automotive Roadmap of the Top Sector HTSM. In addition to concrete results, the programmes pursue a joint long-term objective. Cooperation between industrial partners, but also between business, government and knowledge institutions is crucial for the Netherlands to be able to take up a competitive position on a global scale. Electrification, hydrogen and digital infrastructure are essential technology areas for this. With these projects, the necessary transition to a more sustainable sector is given a substantial financial boost. This concept of open innovation is the typical strength of the Dutch way of working together.

"By joining forces, we can make the Netherlands a leader in green, smart mobility. The granting of subsidies by the Ministry of Economic Affairs to these sub-topics in the programme is a great boost. We are energetically moving forward with the consortia."

- Paul van Nunen, director Brainport Development

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