Automotive Industry & Healthy Mobility

Positions Automotive Industry NL

RAI Automotive Industry NL is the authority in the Dutch automotive manufacturing and supply chain industry, focusing on global automotive and mobility solutions by joining forces with industry peers and stakeholders and acting as a catalyst in the fields of innovation and education.

The positions of RAI-NL are divided under the RAI pillars of sustainable, affordable and safe mobility.


1. Sustainability

  • European climate policy is leading
  • International cooperation programs for innovation must become more structured
  • Simplify the landscape of innovation schemes
  • The process of applying for IPCEI status should be simplified
  • The Netherlands should actively strengthen the innovation ecosystem for batteries through R&D instruments and a clear public-private strategy
  • The fueling and charging infrastructure in the Netherlands needs to be strengthened and highly efficient vehicles must be created
  • Introduction of a balanced, technology-neutral climate policy is essential to achieve the environmental targets
  • The use of hydrogen as an alternative zero-emission technology deserves a more active government policy
  • Accelerating the introduction of the solar car through a subsidy scheme
  • Low emission renewable fuels should be promoted
  • Active innovation policy for lightweight materials contributes to climate objective


2. Affordability

  • A clear subsidy system for zero-emission and highly efficient vehicles must be created
  • Current tax regulations hinder new mobility concepts such as Mobility as a Service
  • Without technical staff, the whole of the Netherlands will grind to a halt (and so will sustainability)


3. Road Safety

  • ADS and artificial intelligence legislation that provides security and privacy protection without stopping innovation
  • Improving road safety requires an integrated policy

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