Human Capital

Technical talent

Human Capital

Automotive Human Capital is the value delivered by employees of all organizations through the deployment of skills, knowledge and expertise. Industry and education invest in lifelong human development to secure the combined quality and quantity we need to solve global challenges within the mobility industry.

Learning community


The shortage of technical talent is severe and becoming more acute. To accelerate innovation, shape education of the future and improve "lifelong learning," learning communities are an attractive hybrid learning environment for innovation. Here, students, teachers, researchers and professionals from business and government invest, experiment and innovate together for a future-proof Netherlands.

RAI Automotive Industry NL collaborates together with ACE Mobility on the learning community TALCOM.

Automotive Learning Community

Learning Communities contribute to learning, working and innovation.

In The Automotive Learning Community (TALCOM) project, automotive companies, organizations and various educational institutions are together creating a learning environment and culture where employers in the automotive industry and MBO, HBO and WO programs work together intensively and learn from each other.

At the Automotive Learning Community (TALCOM) at the Automotive Campus in Helmond, Lightyear, Ebusco, Fontys and Summa are working together on a case for Solar & Electrification.