International Business Development

Automotive Industry

International Business Development

The Dutch automotive industry is largely dependent on exports. The total annual turnover is about 20 billion euros. Almost 90% of this comes from exports. By far the largest automotive exporting country is Germany (44%). Followed by the United Kingdom (26%), Belgium (8%), the United States (5%), France (4%) and China (3%).

International events

Innovation and trade promotion

The goal of the International Business Development program is innovation and trade promotion. RAI Automotive Industry NL is committed to supporting its members internationally. This includes building and maintaining relationships and promoting innovation and trade relations with a special focus on Germany, France and the United States.

We do this by organizing the following activities:

  • International trade missions
  • Strategic trade fairs


RAI Automotive Industry NL works together with various partners to successfully implement its internationalization strategy. On a national level, key partners work together in the top sector HTSM, where international cooperation takes place under the banner of Holland High Tech. There is also intensive cooperation with various Regional Development Companies (ROMs).

International partners

We have a strong international network. RAI Automotive Industry NL is affiliated with CLEPA, the European umbrella organization for the automotive supply industry. On behalf of the RAI Automotive Industry NL section, Albie van Buel is a member of the General Board.