Smart mobility

Artificial intelligence & mobility

Smart mobility

The automotive industry is in the first phase of a transition from offering vehicles to offering mobility. Accessible, inclusive and affordable mobility for all will be a huge challenge in the coming decades.

The changing infrastructure that enables mass transit and active modes of transportation much more than in the past, the need for less congestion, especially in cities, and the sharing economy play an important role in this transition. In this transition, mobility and transportation will become increasingly smarter.

In the field of smart mobility, the main challenge is to develop and implement systems that respond to the social drivers (safety, environment and traffic flow) to the maximum extent, making efficient use of the possibilities of, for example, digitization and automation with regard to sustainability, safety and flexibility.

Four themes

Smart Mobility in four themes:

  • Cooperative driving
  • Automated driving
  • Connectivity
  • Smart mobility services

Safety, zero traffic casualties, are the main driver of RAI Automotive Industry NL's activities in the field of smart mobility. Worldwide, more than 1.3 million people die each year in traffic accidents. Among young people, traffic accidents are the leading cause of death. RAI Automotive Industry NL is committed to supporting the various developments in cooperation with Dutch companies, knowledge institutions and governments to create a safer, more flexible and comfortable mobility network.

Development in the coming years

In addition to developments in the existing innovative automotive ecosystem, other high-tech sectors and topics will also be linked by the topic of Smart Mobility in the coming years. RAI Automotive Industry NL wants to promote cross-sector cooperation, for example by organizing