Our long term projects & collaborations


An overview of our current projects.

  • Battery technology

    Battery Competence Cluster - NL

    To leverage and accelerate the opportunities provided by battery technology and the energy transition, the industry, knowledge institutes and trade associations are jointly committed to developing a strong battery ecosystem.

    See project Battery Competence Cluster - NL

  • Enabling higher levels of autonomous driving

    Digital Infrastructure for Future-Proof Mobility (DITM)

    Within the project, the partners are developing a system architecture for digital infrastructure, including the critical core technologies associated with localization, traffic services, digital maps, and charging infrastructure.

    See project Digital Infrastructure for Future-Proof Mobility (DITM)

  • European cooperation


    Sustainable mobility is at the core of the European strategy to accelerate the ecological and digital transition.

    See project E-boost

  • European battery chain

    Green Transport Delta – Electrification

    The Green Transport Delta - Electrification project aims to develop a strong battery ecosystem in the Netherlands and thereby accelerate the transition to climate neutral mobility.

    See project Green Transport Delta – Electrification

  • Innovative value chain

    Green Transport Delta – Hydrogen

    The main objective of this project is to develop three hydrogen technologies: hydrogen combustion engines, hydrogen fuel cells, and a next-generation hydrogen refuelling infrastructure technology

    See project Green Transport Delta – Hydrogen

  • Facilitating strategic connections


    The REMOBILISE project (standing for REgrouping MOBILIty clusters to develop Skills and Exchange) was officially launched on 18th February 2022 by a consortium kick-off meeting.

    See project REMOBILISE

  • Lightweight solutions


    New advanced material solutions for affordable lightweight to meet the needs of automotive and aircraft manufacturers.

    See project RIGHTWEIGHT

  • Sustainable Mobility Cooperation

    Sustainable Mobility Cooperation – Germany & The Netherlands

    Both Germany and the Netherlands are striving to modernise their mobility infrastructure and make it sustainable. The goal is clear: in the future, mobility must not only be competitive, but also climate-friendly and intelligent. We want to expand and further develop cooperation, so we can jointly advance our mobility system in bilateral projects. Both countries want to learn from each other, look for common economic benefits of new mobility forms and take on a pioneering role at a European level when it comes to a sustainable and advanced mobility system.

    See project Sustainable Mobility Cooperation – Germany & The Netherlands

  • Save up to 40% on Fuel


    By equipping trailers with our ground-breaking yDrive technology, we turn every fuel truck into a hybrid combination, while acting as a range extender for electric trucks.

    See project YDrive