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Battery Competence Cluster - NL

To leverage and accelerate the opportunities provided by battery technology and the energy transition, the industry, knowledge institutes, and trade associations are jointly committed to developing a strong battery ecosystem.

Battery Competence Cluster - NL is an innovation program for companies, knowledge institutes, and organizations that want to work together to acquire knowledge and develop skills in the field of battery technology. The Dutch battery, transport, and shipping industry join their forces in the Battery Competence Cluster - NL.

Opportunities for the Netherlands

Innovative battery technology is fundamental for achieving and accelerating the energy transition. Since the Netherlands has a number of skills essential for the battery chain, we have the opportunity to take the lead in the European battery chain. For example, the Netherlands has a large number of market leaders in heavy transport, such as VDL Groep, Damen Shipyards, and DAF Trucks, that are investing in the production of electric vehicles. In addition, the country has a lot of knowledge regarding materials, such as thin film technology, and the development of complex production processes and machines. Given the importance of recycling and re-use, this provides the Netherlands with lots of opportunities for economic development in the field of battery technology.

By joining forces in the Battery Competence Cluster - NL, the partners involved are working together to bring the production of battery packs to the Netherlands, strengthen the competitive position of the market leaders, and help promising startups grow into successful battery companies. The mission of the Battery Competence Center is to develop, jointly with the ecosystem, unique battery knowledge and skills and to make that knowledge and those skills available to the Dutch industry. The ambition of Battery Competence Cluster - NL is to become a leading center of expertise regarding the development of application-driven battery technology. Resulting in:

  • Technological leadership and an improved competitive position
  • Reduction of purchasing costs and reduced (international) dependency
  • Creation of added value in the Netherlands
  • Preservation and growth of employment

The Battery Competence Center is focusing on three thematic pillars:

  • Battery Systems

    The activities as part of this pillar focus on acquiring knowledge and skills regarding the development and production of battery modules and packs. Leading Dutch companies can use this knowledge to further develop their distinctive knowledge and skills in house and reduce dependency on international suppliers. This requires knowledge of batteries and the production process. Focus is on two areas:

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  • New battery materials and production processes

    No other European country has a chain of knowledge institutes (R&D) and companies with innovative next generation battery materials, the production technology and an end market.

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  • Recycling & Second-use

    Recycling of batteries proves to be a global challenge. As of 1 January 2030, batteries in industrial and electric vehicles must contain a minimum percentage of recycled materials from end-of-life batteries. The combination of stricter regulations, scarcity and increasing demand will put enormous pressure on the demand for (recovered) battery materials. It is of strategic importance for the Dutch mobility sector to have access to these (recovered) battery materials. This requires an efficient recycling infrastructure to recover the raw materials.

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Founders of The Battery Competence Center