The REMOBILISE project (standing for REgrouping MOBILIty clusters to develop Skills and Exchange) was officially launched on 18th February 2022 by a consortium kick-off meeting.

Facilitating strategic connections

Five European clusterorganisations

The REMOBILISE consortium is composed of 5 European clusters, based on a fair balance between competences, expertise and maturity levels, both at organisational and regional levels:

REMOBILISE is a 24-months project pursuing the overall objectives of strengthening cluster management excellence while facilitating strategic connections between our clusters and our specialised ecosystems and cities across Europe, in the sector of mobility. REMOBILISE takes input from the RECiPE4MOBILITY project from the ongoing generation of European Strategic Cluster Partnerships for Excellence (ESCP-4x).

The REMOBILISE project has the following 4 main objectives:

  1. Enhancing the collaboration, networking and learning of cluster organizations and their members towards the professionalization of specialized and customized business support services provided or channeled to SMEs.
  2. Help cluster organizations and their members to acquire the necessary skills and take actions to explore and take up new solutions. This shall address training and business needs along the value chain that require SMEs and cluster managers to adapt to trends, challenges and opportunities that come along with (industrial) change.
  3. Implementing the ClusterXchange mobility scheme: ClusterXchange is a new pilot scheme to support short-term exchanges to better connect Europe's industrial ecosystems by facilitating transnational cooperation, peer learning, networking and innovation uptake between actors of different industrial clusters. It is implemented with support from cluster organisations, such as the consortium members.
  4. Outreach, awareness-raising activities

Under the mobility scope, the REMOBILISE partnership will focus its activities on the thematic of safe and sustainable urban mobility in cities.

What does the REMOBILISE project means for our members?

The purpose of ClusterXchange is actually a voucher scheme. If our members want to visit a foreign party for business purposes, and that work visit lasts at least 3 days (excluding travel time) then they can get a subsidy for that. If this is the case they should report it to Freek de Bruijn, and then he will work with the members to get this scheme started.

We also use ClusterXchange when we go to trade shows with members.


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