Sustainable Mobility Cooperation – Germany & The Netherlands

Germany & The Netherlands

Sustainable Mobility Cooperation

Both Germany and the Netherlands are striving to modernise their mobility infrastructure and make it sustainable. The goal is clear: in the future, mobility must not only be competitive, but also climate-friendly and intelligent. We want to expand and further develop cooperation, so we can jointly advance our mobility system in bilateral projects. Both countries want to learn from each other, look for common economic benefits of new mobility forms and take on a pioneering role at a European level when it comes to a sustainable and advanced mobility system.

Sustainable Mobility Cooperation


To contribute to this bilateral cooperation, the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs has initiated a multi-year “Public-Private-Partnership” programme in cooperation with the Ministries of Economic Affairs and Infrastructure and Water Management. The aim is to facilitate the transition of the mobility system in close partnership with clusters and private stakeholders from the Netherlands as well as German national and regional stakeholders. Moreover, the recently signed German-Dutch Innovation and Technology Pact embraces this cooperation as well.


• Exchange views and share experiences at European level
• Work together on cross-border solutions in the mobility sector
• Contact new research and business partners and explore business developments

It is a pleasure to invite you to participate in the cooperation platform (free of charge): Click here. Here you will also find more information regarding the programme and the most recent activities. Let’s work together to move forward.