Battery innovation partnership to promote energy storage research

2 december 2019

The EU’s battery industry association has formed a partnership with a global battery research body to promote technological innovation in the energy sector.

EUROBAT, which represents industrial and automotive battery manufacturers across the EU, has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Consortium for Battery Innovation, which focuses on lead battery research. The partnership will see the two industry bodies co-ordinating their efforts to promote research and development of energy storage systems which will enable the industry to move closer to the EU’s decarbonisation goals.

Dr Christian Rosenkranz, Vice President for Industry and Governmental Relations at Clarios EMEA and EUROBAT board member, said: “We need to create a strong battery ecosystem in Europe, supporting a range of technologies with different strengths. Lead batteries already represent over 70% of the world’s rechargeable battery energy storage in everything from the cars we drive to the back-up systems for mobile phone networks. This partnership will support our efforts to develop the next generation of advanced lead batteries.”

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