Great Wall Motors spin-off SVOLT investing €2B in two battery production sites in Germany

24 november 2020

China-based SVOLT Energy Technology Co., Ltd. will invest up to €2 billion to establish its European production site in Germany. A module and pack factory as well as a state-of-the-art cell factory with 24 GWh production capacity in the final expansion stage will be built at two Saarland locations. Battery cells and modules and high-voltage storage systems (packs) will be produced in Germany.

As a spin-off from Chinese car manufacturer Great Wall Motors, SVOLT combines systemic knowledge in the field of battery systems and management with extensive expertise in the field of vehicle integration. SVOLT is able to offer its customers tailor-made solutions at the battery cell, module and high-voltage storage system (pack) level as well as the corresponding software.

In addition to solutions that comply with current market standards, SVOLT is working intensively on the development of new technologies and the continued further development of existing technologies. 

With two large R&D centers in Baoding and Wuxi, China, and three R&D hubs, SVOLT currently employs around half of its 3,000 worldwide employees in the area of research and development alone and registered over 550 patents in 2019. 

Among other things, SVOLT is the first company to bring cobalt-free high nickel cell chemistry to mass production readiness. SVOLT also employs an active research and development team working in the area of solid-state batteries.