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21 september 2020
Talking Traffic-toepassingen hebben een positief effect op de verkeersveiligheid, de emissiereductie en de doorstroming. Het gaat bijvoorbeeld om het...
21 september 2020
Punch Powertrain PSA e-transmissions, the joint venture between the French PSA Group and the Belgian transmission manufacturer Punch Powertrain...
18 september 2020
De gemiddelde CO2-uitstoot van de verkochte autovloot in Europa moet in 2030 zijn gehalveerd. Volgens koepelorganisatie Acea is deze aangescherpte...
18 september 2020
Groupe Renault has developed the XCEED (eXtended Compliance End-to-End Distributed) blockchain project to certify the compliance of all vehicle...
17 september 2020
Scania has announced the official market launch of its all-battery electric truck and plug-in hybrid truck. With these two models, the VW subsidiary...
17 september 2020
General Motors announced that it will design, develop and manufacture a family of five interchangeable electric drive units and three motors, known...
17 september 2020
Daimler Trucks has just presented its technology strategy for the electrification of its vehicles ranging from urban distribution vehicles right up to...
15 september 2020
The commercial service lives of bus batteries are significantly extended and natural resources are conserved. That is the result of a new cooperation...
15 september 2020
The French government presented a national hydrogen strategy. It provides for an investment of 7.2 billion euros by 2030 and a hydrogen production...
15 september 2020
Brussels, 14 September 2020 – With just 15 weeks before the Brexit transition period expires, European automotive industry leaders have today joined...
11 september 2020
The new Citroën C4 which PSA presented in June together with its all-electric offshoot ë-C4 is available to order in France with immediate effect...
11 september 2020
The Volkswagen Group has entered a strategic partnership with RCS Global, a specialist in supply chain analysis as VW aims to introduce greater...
11 september 2020
The European research initiatives launches seven programmes in three key areas of battery R&D.
9 september 2020
Magna has signed an agreement to acquire majority ownership of Honglizhixin (HLZX), a leading seat supplier to Chinese automakers. The acquisition...
9 september 2020
Hyundai Motor Group and SK Innovation have agreed to work together to develop a sustainable ecosystem for electric vehicle batteries. The cooperation...
9 september 2020
The planned merger of the car companies PSA and FCA under the name Stellantis will apparently be able to rely on three electric car platforms. In...
9 september 2020
Nikola Corporation and General Motors Co. announced a strategic partnership that begins with the Nikola Badger and carries cost reductions through...
8 september 2020
Vattenfall has won a major tender for new charging infrastructure in the Netherlands. Up to 8,000 new charging points will be built in the provinces...
8 september 2020
The ultracapacitor manufacturer Skeleton Technologies has announced a cooperation with the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). The partners are...
7 september 2020
Dutch truck manufacturer DAF Trucks has doubled the range of its all-electric CF Electric truck to over 200 kilometres. Since the vehicle is...