Join the first Intertraffic webinar 21 April 2020

15 april 2020

If it wasn’t for the COVID-19 pandemic, some 30,000 mobility professionals would be heading off to Intertraffic Amsterdam next week. However, these are unprecedented times and many of us are impacted in different ways. A change in mobility habits is inevitable both in short term and longer term, making knowledge transfer even more crucial. The Intertraffic community needs to stay connected and continue to share stories, expert views and advice.

Join the Intertraffic webinar on 21 April
Intertraffic brings you a free to attend webinar on the 21st of April, the original opening date of Intertraffic Amsterdam. Carlo van de Weijer will interview three mobility professionals about the effect of the corona virus on mobility and on their organisation.

We hope you will join us online on the 21st of April and look forward to sharing experiences. You have the opportunity to send us your questions in advance or ask them during the webinar itself.

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Stay safe



What are the latest mobility developments and how does the corona virus affect the industry?



Carlo van de Weijer


Carlo van de Weijer is Director smart mobility at Eindhoven University of Technology. During this webinar, Carlo will interview the three mobility professionals below on the latest developments and the impact of the corona virus.




Aurélien Cottet


On the European public transport and the impact of COVID-19. What are the latest MaaS developments and what will be the effects on MaaS and public transport as a whole?




Paul Speirs 


PTV Group
On the latest data technology trends and effects of COVID-19 on our mobility behaviour. What is PTV noticing in its data and how will we move after lockdown?


Chris de Veer 


Province of Noord-Holland
On C-ITS developments and preparing for autonomous driving when COVID-19 rages. How are road operators preparing  and what is the impact of current times?