Live webinar, Implications of COVID-19 for the automotive industry

16 april 2020

Implications of COVID-19 for the automotive industry: PwC’s COVID-19 Analysis Date: Wednesday April 22 Time: 15:00 - 16:00 Registration: of-covid-19-automotive.html Understandably, in the combat against the coronavirus the priority is the well-being of the people. But the economic impact and the measures taken by the government to help flatten the curve are also particularly significant. No one can foresee the full scope of the consequences of this crisis. The whole automotive industry is being hit hard, globally and at every step of the value chain. This analysis from PwC provides an up-to-date representation of the latest developments and directions for the automotive sector. An update of this analysis will follow periodically. Only the latest insights will be considered during the webinar.

During the one-hour live webinar, Christoph Stürmer, Global Lead Analyst at PwC Autofacts, will explain this document and answer questions. He will focus on the short, medium and long term impact. But also looks at the various parties in the value chain and then outline four main scenarios with varying impacts. This will give you an outlook of current possibilities and in the near future. All to aim of making the right decisions in this unprecedented time.


15.00 - 15.05   Welcome and introduction Peter Derks, RAI Automotive Industry NL
15.05 - 15.10   Introduction Stan Berings & Willem-Jan Dubois, PwC Netherlands 
15.10 - 15.40   Christoph Stürmer: “Implications of COVID-19 for the automotive industry” 
15.40 - 16.00   Q&A and wrap up 

The webinar will be held in English. Questions can be submitted in advance via Willem-Jan Dubois of PwC.

About Christoph Stürmer, PwC Autofacts, PwC’s Global Lead Analyst.

As Global Lead Analyst, Christoph is responsible for a global team that analyzes all relevant automotive data and contributes with these analyses to support our automotive customers worldwide. He is also responsible for developing Autofacts’ service and product portfolio to create better value for clients. He specializes in manufacturer strategy and value chain analysis, as well as brand strategy and product portfolio planning.

Christoph started his automotive industry career in 1996 at Daimler-Benz AG, and worked in product management and strategic planning there. Before joining PwC Autofacts, he held various manager positions at IHS Automotive for over 10 years, most recently as Research Director. Christoph is a recognized speaker at automotive events and is quoted frequently in international business and industry media. He is fluent in English and German, and holds an Economics degree from the University of Heidelberg - Germany.

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