Leading the pack: The Netherlands!

1 juli 2021

The Netherlands, China, South Korea and Singapore have ranked highly in all the ADR editions

#1 The Netherlands

For the second time running, the Netherlands (83 out of 130 points) secured the top spot, thanks largely to its position as a leader in electrification. Its share of EV sales vs. total vehicle sales hit ~22% in 2020, far above the ADR9 average of 4.7% and behind only Sweden (~30%). 

The country also offers the best selection of EV models, with almost 40% of available models now electric. And the charging structure is second only to South Korea, with 15.8 charging stations per 100 km of road (ADR9 average = 2.2). The Netherlands also scores well on autonomous driving, with all roadways open to testing. However, it still needs to develop regulations for commercializing autonomous vehicles (AVs).

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