Electric Vehicle Impact Assessment Report 2020-2040

31 maart 2022

A quantitative forecast of employment trends at automotive suppliers in Europe.

The ‘Electric Vehicle Impact Assessment Report 2020-2040’, commissioned by CLEPA and performed by PwC Strategy&, assesses the impact of electrification on powertrain employment and value creation across the EU and individual Member States. ​

​The study answers three guiding questions about the impact of the electrification transition on the automotive supply industry: ​

  1. What is the impact of different powertrain technologies and component requirements on value-add1 for automotive suppliers in Europe?​
  2. What is the corresponding effect on employment for automotive suppliers in Europe? ​
  3. What would a mixed technology, an EV-only or a radical EV-implementation scenario mean for climate targets, value-add1 and employment for automotive suppliers in Europe?​

​This is a first of its kind study, weighing the impact of three different market scenarios, specifically for powertrain employment and value-add among automotive suppliers, giving the actual transformation a much more granular view.

Download the Study Brochure.