Green (Sustainable) Mobility

The automotive industry is facing many challenges related to Sustainable objectives and Green Mobility. A large driver behind sustainability is the growing social demand for climate-neutral solutions as directed by the European Commission and the Paris Agreement.

Forthcoming, within the transport sector, there is the increasingly strict emission legislation and standards for decarbonization, driving the developments of the automotive industry within the next decades. The derived national ambitions/goals have led to many technological challenges, advancements and a wide range of applications for sustainable power train solutions. The most commonly known solutions for decarbonisation can be found in energy sources as Electricity (Battery) and Hydrogen (Fuel Cell). Currently, the application of these or hybrid solutions can be found in passenger cars, urban transportation, and heavy-duty vehicles enabling the global objective for zero emissions. On a longer term, alternative fuels like; Hydrogen, synthetic- and bio-fuels may also offer sustainable solutions for combustion engines.

Validation à The implementation of lessons learned from demo projects towards market solutions.

RAI Automotive Industry supports it’s members by technological workshops, informing webinars and driving (inter-)national programs and projects for cooperation’s between parties in the industry, knowledge institutes and governments to support their innovative position in the market. If you have questions or ideas, please feel free to contact us (

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Gerard Koning
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