Human Capital

RAI Automotive Industry NL also has its own Human Capital programme. Below you will find a summary of the framework of this programme, the leading factors, the action lines, and our ambitions.


We characterize Automotive Human Capital as: "Automotive Human Capital; The value that employees, of all organizations, provide by application of skills, know-how, and expertise. Industry invests in education and life-long-development to secure combined human quality and quantity for solving global challenges."

Leading factors

Since Human Capital has a broad theme, strategic deployment within this program is necessary. We are guided by the major innovation challenges for the industry; The road to zero traffic deaths, zero emissions, and optimal traffic flow/accessibility. Overall, macro-factors, such as "energy security", urbanization, and aging play a role.

Action lines

RAI Automotive Industry NL can achieve this through its role as director of the Education, Labour Market & Innovation nexus, which is achieved through five different lines of action.

  1. Growth of automotive students
  2. Lifelong development (future-proof design)
  3. International position, Euroregional recruitment
  4. Projects (impact)
  5. Cross-sector approach (Energy - Logistics - High Tech Systems and Materials).

Ultimately it is a matter of guaranteeing/creating the availability of qualified workers who are able to develop solutions for the cross-sectoral challenges of today and tomorrow.


One of the ambitions, prompted by the Climate Agreement, is to start a pre-competitive "lead program". A partnership that increases the opportunities for knowledge development, knowledge sharing, and joint use of facilities and investments in "human capital" and facilities for the international growth markets "Energy Automotive Transition" and/or future urban & inter urban distribution.

Thomas van Berkel
Thomas van Berkel
Programma Manager Human Capital
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16 april 2023 t/m 19 april 2023