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The international automotive industry faces the task of further reducing CO2 emissions in the coming years, both in the use of vehicles on the road and in the production of these vehicles. The weight of vehicles plays an essential role in this regard. New, natural, and lighter materials, as well as more intensive use of existing materials, such as high-grade steel, aluminium, and smart processing of these are the main ingredients for achieving the desired CO2 reduction. The circular organization of the chain, as well as the circular application of components and systems will be accelerated, partly driven by the EU Green Deal. The current Corona crisis will accelerate this process, supported by governments.

The diversity of new materials and the combination with existing materials (hybridization) leads to challenges in production. This hybridization requires new process, handling, and joining methodologies and technologies, while at the same time production will have to be more (energy) efficient. Another trend in the automotive industry is the ever-increasing personalization of vehicles, series-size 1. To be prepared to follow all these developments, or even to stay ahead of them, we will have to jointly take up a number of innovations. Cooperation is key!


Manufacturing & composites

Lightweight Materials are important for the Automotive Industry to reach their goals on CO2 reduction. Composite materials have a lot of opportunities for lightweight design, so a positive impulse for CO2 reduction. Especially in a multi-material construction as a vehicle. In this movie the Aerospace, Maritime and Automotive industry explain the advantages of using Composites.


  • Light Vehicle 2025, is an interreg 5A project within the Euro-Maas-Rhine region.

Automotive NL and partners from this region are working together to develop this region into an internationally visible technological hotspot in the field of lightweight automotive development.

Visit the Light Vehicle 2025 website here for more information.

Communications contact: Mona Ziegler,

  • ASPECT, Advanced Simulation and control of tribology in metal forming Processes for the North-West European Consumer goods and Transport sectors, is an Intereg 5B project within the NWE (North West Europe) Region.

More information on this project can be found here.

Contact person communication: Iulia Degeratu,

Development in the coming years

  • Further development of the Manufacturing program on the basis of the development in the Factory of Future.
  • Further developments of the materials programme based on the developments within light-weight development and circular applications within the automotive industry.

RAI Automotive Industry NL is proud to present the focus document and action plan for Automotive Manufacturing in the Netherlands. The documents can be downloaded for our members below.

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