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RAI Automotive Industry NL is an associated Partner of the Rightweight project.

Rightweight challenges
Do you have a challenge that provides innovative solutions in a lightweight domain?
RIGHTWEIGHT could help you to unlock innovation in the field of lightweight materials by supporting SMEs which will provide technological solutions to the challenges you are facing. Express your interest and find out more here.

Can you provide us a technical solution to these Lightweight challenges in the automotive and areonautic sectors from potential end-users? Please, find an overview of the challenges here and share your solutions with us.  

About the project
Applying lightweight solutions is the most efficient approach to make transport greener (Lucintel’18; McK’12). However, SME suppliers of auto and aero parts in NWE encounter severe challenges to define optimal lightweighting: auto struggles to integrate the most advanced materials; aero, to reach acceptable costs and production speeds.

Each sector uniquely excels in specific areas: e.g. auto leads automated mass manufacturing and aero, materials performance. To effectively adopt feasible lightweight solutions, more affordable and environmentally-friendly  innovations must be co-developed across the value chain: market-pull from demand side will stimulate a competitiveness increase of supplier SMEs, while contributing to reduce overall CO2 transport emissions.

RIGHTWEIGHT will support 50+ manufacturing SMEs in auto & aero value chains to deliver components meeting car/aircraft makers’ needs. 20+ novel lightweight products will be incubated to TRL7 by 2022, improving environmental performance and greater value-for-money via an open cross-sectorial process combining educational activities and transnational thematic competitions in 5 cross-cutting areas within lightweight:

  1. materials supply & development
  2. characterization & modelling
  3. design & smart functions
  4. manufacturing & assembly
  5. recycling

Partners will provide dedicated training in specialised complementary fieldlabs.

5 countries with auto and aero relevance (RIS3) will be involved, leveraging leader-follower synergies: FR (aero), DE and BE (auto), NL (both) and IT (strong in both). 50+ end-users (large demand actors) from 7 regions are already committed (assoc. part.).

RIGHTWEIGHT will pioneer to stimulate cross-sectorial transfer between actors now operating in one value chain with dedicated transnational sessions (also inviting peer projects) and a novel database of success cases. We will anchor €10M turnover & 100 jobs in NWE, while generating €2M turnover & 50 jobs by 2022.

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Events & activities
Within this project, several events and activities will be organized by the projectpartners.

- RIGHTWEIGHT Regional workshop

Jean Pierre Heijster
Jean Pierre Heijster
Programma Manager Materials & Manufacturing
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Gerard Koning
Gerard Koning
Programma Manager Green Mobility
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Freek de Bruijn
Freek de Bruijn
Program Consultant
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