Smart Mobility

Worldwide, over 1.3 million people die in traffic accidents every year. Among young people, traffic accidents is the number one cause of death. In addition, congestion, especially in the urbanized area, causes great social costs. Digitization and automation of the mobility system and vehicles can make major contributions to reducing these societal challenges.

Smart Mobility

Smart Mobility can be divided into four themes:

  • Cooperative driving
  • Automation
  • Connected with the cloud
  • Smart Mobility Services

In the near future, the first three themes will come together to form Automated Driving.

RAI Automotive Industry NL is committed to supporting the various developments in cooperation with Dutch companies, knowledge institutes, and authorities in order to create a safer, more flexible and more comfortable mobility network.

Development in the coming years

In addition to the development in the existing innovative automotive ecosystem, other high-tech sectors and topics will also become connected in the coming years through the topic of Smart Mobility. RAI Automotive Industry NL wants to promote cross-sectoral cooperation, for example by organising workshops, seminars and joint ventures.

Bram Hendrix
Bram Hendrix
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